South Florida Private School Psychologist - Gifted, LD, ADHD Testing

Dr.  Silverman is a Licensed School Psychologist (Lic # SS244) in private practice in South Florida for 3 decades.  He is the author of numerous journal articles and books, including co-author of a former best-selling book in its class, Parent Survival Training.    He is nationally recognized for his work, especially in the areas of  behavior management, attention disorders, learning difficulties, and adoption. 

He has been a guest on over three-hundred radio and television programs including Sally Jessy Raphael, CBS Morning Program, CNN’s Night Line, and the ABC Radio network.  He has conducted workshops for mental health professionals in Puerto Rico, Washington DC, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and more. He was previously an adjunct professor at Barry University and Nova SE University.

Articles about his work have appeared in a multitude of periodicals including the Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Parenting Magazine, and others. 

He has completed more than 6000 psychoeducational evaluations, and more than 133,000 pages of written reports. 

(954) 602-5629

(calls are usually returned in late afternoon)

testing room (above)

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