South Florida Private School Psychologist - Gifted, LD, ADHD Testing

Fees vary greatly in South Florida.
In comparison to typical private practice fees in South Florida, our fees are considered reasonable and at the lower end for the private  sector.
Consequently, we are unable to offer discounts/professional courtesy, etc.

(954) 602-5629

(calls are usually returned in late afternoon)

As described on "Psychoed Testing" page.
Testing, Scoring, Written Report (20-30 pages), parent conference

(ages 5 through 18)

In terms of  time/expenses, a psychoeducational evaluation involves approximately 13-16 hours of professional time such as the testing, scoring, meeting with parents, costs of tests/materials, report writing , and of course office expenses. Preparing the written report (approx. 25 pages) typically takes 6-9 hours. The fee is not just for office time, but for all else that is involved as well. Our fee is considered at the lower end for this service in private practices in South Florida. Those that call several providers to check fees will have a clearer understanding.


Wechsler 5  IQ Test + Written Report

Fees subject to change. Not responsible for typos on fees on the web pages. Schedule availability may be limited during "peak season."

Master Card, Visa, Discover, Amex,
Cash, Money Orders

For those who find private practice fees too costly, some local universities offer psychoeducational testing. Call to check their fees.

Nova Southeastern (Broward)
(954) 262-5730

University of Miami
305-284-4265 ext. 0

Barry University (Miami Shores)

Carlos Albizu University (Miami)
Goodman Center


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