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Kindergarten Through Age 18

The psychoeducational evaluation of a child, teen, or young adult  consists of a series of individually administered tests to determine a youngster’s:

  • Intellectual abilities
  • Academic Basic Skills Achievement
  • Behavioral status
  • Attention span and memory
  • Learning Style  

An evaluation can often establish why a child is not adjusting  well to school, family or peers.  The testing can, when combined with other information and assessments, help in determining if a child is experiencing any of the following:

  • Learning Disorder
  • "Giftedness"
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Intellectual Deficit
  • Motivation Problem
  • Under achievement
  • Specific Learning Disorder of Reading 
  • Attention Disorders

The Evaluation

 An  evaluation  is  an appointment  of  approximately  6 1/2 - 7 1/2 hours (time can vary greatly from child to child). This includes testing time and meeting with the parent(s). This is usually best be done over two  half-day sessions (approximately 9:30 am to 12:30-1:00 PM+).  There are many additional hours of work "behind the scenes" as detailed below.

At the beginning of the first session, the parent(s) meet with the evaluator to provide a history about  the child.  It is also helpful for the child’s teacher(s) to complete an observation form which is available from our office.  Then, the actual testing starts. 

The tests that take the longest to score are done on the first session. There is about 2 hours of scoring time for those tests and the rating scales between the 2 visits. The tests used on the second visit can be scored while the parent is waiting.

At the end of the second session, we meet with the parents for approximately an hour to thoroughly explain the results of the testing, their implications, as well as recommendations which may be appropriate for the parents, school, and other professionals who work with the child. 

After the family leaves, it takes the evaluator about an average of 6 to 9 hours to prepare a comprehensive written report (usually 20-30+ pages, varies with each examinee) which is sent to the parents in about 1 week  after the evaluation is completed.


In terms of  time/expenses, a psychoeducational evaluation involves approximately 13-16 hours of professional time, such as the testing, meeting with parents, scoring, costs of tests/materials, report writing (approx. 25 pages) , and of course office expenses. Preparing the written report typically takes 6-9 hours. The fee is not just for office time, but for all else that is involved as well.

Our fee is considered at the lower end for this service in private practices in South Florida. Those that call several providers to check fees will have a clearer understanding.
 What Tests Are Used?

Generally, a combination of the following types of tests will be administered: 

  • Intelligence Test
  • Achievement (reading, math, writing)
  • Memory (visual and auditory)
  • Visual-motor coordination and speed
  • Computerized selective attention test
  • Behavioral  tests
  • Process Skills  (auditory, visual, etc.)
  • Other tests related to the child’s unique needs
  • Teacher & Parent Rating Scales 

The actual tests administered can vary depending on an individual's child's presentation and needs.
What Will I know After The Testing? 

The evaluation will give you a psychoeducational “x-ray” of your child.  You will be able to compare your child to his/her age group with respect to educational, intellectual, and behavioral functioning.  The testing may suggest a specific problem ( e.g., dyslexia, learning disability, attention disorder, etc.) or indicate a deficit that may need further assessment by a physician or  other specialist.  If a  child has educational deficits, the results would help in determining if  he/she needs remediation by a learning specialist, tutor, or even special assistance at school. 

Having a learning "disorder" or Attention Disorder diagnosis does  not  automatically qualify a student for services at school. School District criteria have to be met. There are many other factors and in-school procedures required for a child to get an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a 504 accommodation plan. Discuss this with your school. Also, you can read the following for basic details:

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dyslexia testing learning disability testing ADHD testing

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